My dog played Xbox One

#11DarkJaydragonPosted 10/13/2013 7:37:12 AM
stekim40 posted...
Sony cater for Cats too!

Microsoft are anti-animal!!

I'm trying to set up a profile for my duck and it won't let me, this is obviously racially motivated.

He has since sold his XB1 and bought a Wii U, I told him he was quackers for doing it.
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SpaceMarineZack posted...
My dog played Xbox One

The kinect didn't respond when he barked and the controller didn't fit in his paws.

That's because the Xbone was made for donkeys.
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Don't fret everyone, its still 100 percent compatible for fat guys wearing Metallica shirts.
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I made a profile for my love pillow and it wouldn't recognize her. We live in an age where a man and his pillow are allowed to love one another but we can't do couch co-op?! Way to alienate a large portion of your fanbase Microsoft!
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