What is preventing you from buying an Xbox One?

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2 years ago#1
Reaons you are not getting an Xbox One? - Results (351 votes)
The Price
6.27% (22 votes)
Not having a Kinect-less SKU
11.4% (40 votes)
Possible Advertisements
0.57% (2 votes)
Kinect spying on you
4.56% (16 votes)
Lack of games that you care to play
7.69% (27 votes)
Distrust of MS
23.36% (82 votes)
Simply prefer PS4
21.08% (74 votes)
I am getting an Xbox One
17.66% (62 votes)
Xbox One has cooties
2.28% (8 votes)
5.13% (18 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Be honest, obviously this poll won't mean a thing. I am just curious.

I tried listing the things that I've seen people upset about. And no, no "All of the above." :P
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2 years ago#2
- The Price
- Not having a Kinect-less SKU
- Possible Advertisements
- Lack of games that you care to play*
- Distrust of MS
- Simply prefer PS4

There was no "multiple" option so I'll just list them here and vote HODOR.

*speaking long-term and based on PS3 vs. 360
2 years ago#3
I already have a Wii U, and plan to get a PS4. Once the price lowers down quite a bit, and they get more exclusives, and I find myself in a position where I have nothing I wanna play, I'll likely get one.
2 years ago#4
Lack of games that I'm interested in. If that changes later on, I'll buy one, but until then I'm more than happy with owning one console this generation.
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2 years ago#5
PS4 being better + Xbox One not costing less than PS4.

If you don't care about the exclusive games and early DLCs, there's not much of a reason to buy an Xbox One over a PS4 aside from controller preference and speculation that the online multiplayer will be better.
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2 years ago#6
Not having a Kinect-less SKU
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2 years ago#7
Price, games and MS's terrible attitude towards their consumers. The first 2 also apply to Sony.
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2 years ago#8
I've already paid mine off sooooo....nothing is.
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2 years ago#9
Microsoft doesnt have any exclusive first party franchises that interest me. Nintendo is kinda the same but I still like Zelda.
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2 years ago#10
Every single stupid thing about the Xbox One that I despised and would cause me to NEVER buy an Xbox One (DRM, Once-A-Day check ins, mandatory Kinect) have since been removed. The advertising shenanigans can be controlled by never using the Kinect, and the current way they are done on the 360 does not bother me.

It is the fact that Microsoft put all those stupid things into the Xbox One to begin with that still makes me dislike this console and this company. I do not feel they will pull another "180" reversal and re-install DRM and whatnot THIS upcoming console gen, but their past actions this year have completely soured me on Microsoft as a company I wish to give my business to.

Thus, I chose "Distrust", although the reality is much closer to "Detest."

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