Gaming Headsets and the Xbox One

#1WSB_MastaPosted 10/14/2013 5:03:38 PM
You're correct about the optical port, but as you've also correctly noted, our Microsoft license lets us do some extra cool stuff with the XO Four and XO Seven. They connect only to the controller, meaning you're totally untethered from the console (no transmitter at all), and give you game and chat audio that way.
What will not work with unlicensed headsets is the chat, as optical doesn't support an audio input.
So, basically, tl;dr - you can hear noise coming out of the optical, but you won't be able to chat.

Talking about the Turtle Beach XO Seven on Reddit, Jeff, Turtle Beach's Community Marketing Manager, says that the Xbox One controller will handle the sound from game and chat and the headset will be completely untethered from the console. Does this mean the headset wont need a battery?

In my opinion this is awesome and a feature I had not heard about until now. The higher end version of the headset is $159, compared to the $300 price tags that were the norm on the 360 probably because you were also buying the transmitter or with Astro the amp.

From the sounds of this, I should be able to plug my Astro A40 directly into the soon to be announced adapter and play with minimal wires (only one that is plugged into the controller), if the headset doesn't need a power source.
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nobody else finds this interesting?
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pretty cool.... unfortunately it is highly doubtful that the controller will power the headset.