am i really getting a lot less going xbox one first...

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3 years ago#1
...and ps4 very much later on if at all? i have been watching gameplay videos and i'm not impressed. i have not been keeping up with specs ever since i stopped PC gaming. how are xbox ones specs, are they good? i hear they do not match the ps4 but are they good?

either way, i always buy American first. also, after the Atari days US gamers were treated like third-world mouth breathers by the Japanese. that finally stopped when MS came into the picture.

i just want to know if the specs are good and will i be impressed?

3 years ago#2
It's all relative.
Ad Hominem.
3 years ago#3
Webmaster4531 posted...
It's all relative.

can you explain? i do know one thing: most of the internet these days is filled with new age hippies and they are really doing their best to make the xbox look bad.

even giantbomb is on the hate bandwagon
3 years ago#4
PS4 has better hardware, get what you want.
Good example. I'm sure terrorists go around saying "terrorist" all the time where they live, let alone have kinects. - TBONE_OG
3 years ago#5
TheM00d posted...
PS4 has better hardware, get what you want.

i know that. i'm asking if the xbox one still has enough power? i know the ps4 by the Japanese is the best system ever made.

these new age hippies are funny. first they hate on Sony when they almost become a monopoly during the PS2 era but now that they became less favored it's all Sony all the time.

do people forget what Sony tried to do and is still trying to do? the only reason the PSP was even made was to try and take over the whole video game market.

this post wasn't really directed at you, the M00d.
3 years ago#6
also, people seem to forget if not for MS the indie scene would not be as big as it is now. Sony copies what MS did 6 years ago and all i hear is how Sony is for the real gamers with indie support etc.

i really hope MS can stick around or i'm going back to PC.
3 years ago#7
Always buy american by purchasing a console assembled in Asia. That will teach them.
Can't keep a good man down. More Fe + C than you.
3 years ago#8
GondolinRises posted...
Always buy american by purchasing a console assembled in Asia. That will teach them.

kid, you know how old that is? i have been seeing that here when i was SK1 back from 2001 on the first xbox board.

as been pointed out a billion times: it does not matter where it's made. MS is an American corp. and they of course cater to US customers.
3 years ago#9
Miltiplat games will look the same. Xbox will have a better online service and will have dedicated servers for every multiplayer game.

Ps4 will have more exclusives down the road. Personally I play pretty much all online games. So dedicated servers are a Must. So I chose xbox. I also enjoy messing around with kinect and voice controls. That is personal preference.
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3 years ago#10
Its pretty easy to answer your own question.

Do you like Indies? Because thats all the PS4 will have until Infamous, which is 4 months out from launch, and then your stuck with more indies until more exclusives get churned out.

With the xbox you have an array of exclusives spanning practically every genre, and when Infamous comes out, TitanFall does too practically. Then you got Garden Warfare (actually kind of excited for it), Project spark (1000 games in one practically), and even a few kinect games.

Im a sole Ps user this generation, but im buying a next gen at launch, to play next gen exclusives. I have no interest in indies or i would just buy an Ouya.
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