are the Xbox One console pre orders sold out in the UK?

#1soysaucemanPosted 10/15/2013 10:02:29 AM
or not?
#2catzrul2002Posted 10/15/2013 10:46:01 AM
Not, the HMV in Edinburgh, Princes St still has over 100 pre-orders left, GAME in St James Center still has about 20.

PS4s are sold out in those stores.
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#3Rdeal2Posted 10/15/2013 10:53:04 AM
About 20.....lmao,that says it all
#4Mindwipe77Posted 10/15/2013 10:54:36 AM
also many ppl wont even pick up their pre-orders and there will be cancellations so you'll find one somewhere
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#5soysauceman(Topic Creator)Posted 10/15/2013 3:44:29 PM
thanks. I actually had one pre ordered months ago but was just curious.
#6ryugambaPosted 10/15/2013 3:50:57 PM
Day One editions are sold out.
#7soysauceman(Topic Creator)Posted 10/15/2013 3:52:41 PM
ryugamba posted...
Day One editions are sold out.

is there a difference between day one editions and whatever the others are? I have it pre ordered at GAME and they have not contacted me about this ...
#8JusticeSwordPosted 10/15/2013 4:36:19 PM
Still available everywhere in my area. (North West)

Still available in the midlands & the north east according to my gaming buddies
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