IF i'm buying both the consoles,xb1 at launch is a smarter choice then?

#21UtterMoonPosted 10/18/2013 1:28:53 PM
nishanth12 posted...
At this point even if all the people here at gamefaqs decided to buy xbox, that wouldn't even make up for how many ps4 have been pre ordered in US alone. Imagine worldwide

Now that really disappointing, I think the more the xbox one sells at this point, the better for gaming industry as a whole. We really dont need Sony to be the only one's rolling the dice people

And..I have no idea what you're talking about. Xbox is clearly..absolutely without a doubt an American centric console, so how is having Microsoft 'rolling the dice' good for the gaming industry as a whole?
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vishmarx posted...
up until yesterday i had the ps4 watchdogs bundle on preorder.offcourse ps4 gets the order and lots of unannounced stuff later on ,but lets face it,
there isnt much except killzone. infact only 2 decent titles AC 4 and kz are gonna be on...
until feb when infamous comes out
xbox on the other has some decent games at launch atleast DR3 ,forza,killer instinct and ryse maybe?
so would getting xb1 at launch and waiting on ps4 till spring /summer or a THE Order bundle be a smart move?

also since ill have a decent job by then(final year at college)...money is hardly my problem..

If there's stuff on both you want, I think it should come down to whether you want Kinect or not. That extra $100 now could get you another game on PS4, and there's a good chance we'll see an XB1 bundle without Kinect sometime next year. I refuse to support the XB1 until I can buy it without Kinect forced me, despite liking the controller and exclusives better. It's a matter of principle.