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Why not just import your PS4 if you prefer that console?

I wont support a company that do this s*** to its consumers.

So instead you support the company that literally tried to screw over consumers, told consumers to deal with it, even said get a 360 instead, and also didn't listen to consumers at all until they saw preorder numbers. If anything, Microsoft is more of the one that can care less about you.

LMFAO! Look how personal these Sony Fanboys took you ditching Sony for Xbox! They'll do and say anything to get you back.

TC, stick with Xbox. You don't want to be playing online with people like this on a network Sony supports.
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Wow I cant believe consoles cost that much in other countries.
Sony promised 30 first year exclusives for ps4 first year. Too bad they are mostly indy titles.
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Why do countries, that are getting screwed by their governments policies, allow their governments to do so?

Its sad to see especially as brazil is considered one of the better countries in south america.
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PS4 price announced today in Brazil. US$1850,00. A kick square in the nuts.

So Xbox One here we go.

Which twitters should I follow to be inside Xbox One News and Store updates? What about facebook pages? and blogs?


Welcome to better community/console you will enjoy it I promise. Also check Neogaf for good posts about information because on this board theres only trolling from salty ps fanboys..

also and majornelsons website
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Only way to not support anti-consumer video game companies is to go with Nintendo, which is a completely different market from Xbox or Playstation, or to go PC, where the open market means companies compete for your business.
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Read further ... It's a tax issue , not a company issue.

This...Beter import in cases like this.
If you were to import a PS4 from the USA...considering a $100 shipping fee and a 60% tax for'd pay something around $800 (R$ 1600) or $1000 (R$2000, some states in Brazil got a 'state tax' on international goods, increasing the total tax to...around 100%).

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Why not just import your PS4 if you prefer that console?

I wont support a company that do this s*** to its consumers.

In times like cross the frontier on Foz do Iguašu and buy a PS4 in Paraguay!

Sˇ assim mesmo...pq 4k Ú demais...heh

Truthfully, it's not as simple as either of us are making it ....

Along with the federal and state duties for imported goods, service and brokerage duties are added to the import process in Brazil. Harbor fees, inland freight via truck or train, air freight and broker fees all can be considered part of the total import duties.
Read more:

It's well-known that Brazil has some of the highest import taxes in the entire world ... ESPECIALLY on electronics. It is not unheard of for prices to be this way. If Microsoft is producing anything in the USA, taxes would be reduced due to NAFTA while Sony, being Japanese, would not benefit.