Will PS4 greatly eclipse Xbone with games in the years to come?

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PS4's easier to develop for and more popular than Xbone so obviously it'll get more games, unless MS puts all their efforts this gen into money-hatting for greater advertising (like they did with Toys R Us) and for (timed) exclusive games and DLC.
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No. The main issue with Sony right now is that they aren't dropping the money to develop the games. Sony is in a bad financial situation and major titles require massive funding. Hence why $1 billion is a lot of money.

Yeah that company surely is hurting....


Holy COW you are full of reassurance, Sony isn't going anywhere this gen, stop trying to reassure yourself on this. The online fees alone will assure their profitability.

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Xbox One
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People seriously think more devs will want to develop for the X1 than the PS4?

They've already described the PS4 as 'a dream to develop for'

If their is something that Microsoft is good at, it is getting games for their system at all costs, even if it means $Millions of Dollars in Bribery Money. XBox One will get games, they will get timed exclusives, and it will compete with whatever game comes out for the PS4. Money talks even if it isint the wisest decision. Ask Activision why it is more beneficial to them to show PS4 CoD footage despite having a deal with Microsoft. Ask SquareEnix why they have FFXV and KH3 for the Xbox One even if no one is sure that the Xbox One will even release in Japan. Sony cant stand toe to toe with Microsoft in regards to spending power, they will just have to get games by gaining trust with 3rd Party Developers.
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X1 wins this easily.
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Well, I think the poll results speak for themselves yet again!