Pacher: "Xbox One is as next gen as the Wii U."

#31ill-thoughtsPosted 10/19/2013 8:26:20 AM
no one here considers the U next gen......not a soul.
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Next gen sucks anyway
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DXiRoNMaN posted...
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Its obviously a shock statement.

But aside from that, its pretty much true. But what people forget is that PS4 isnt really next gen either. Both of these consoles are already obsolete and they arent released yet. Which is kind of a let down.

that's true, besides better graphics (compared to PS3) what is PS4 bringing to the table? it's capabilities aren't quite amazing.

At least Xbox is bringing some new ideas to the table.

PS4 is just a more powerful PS3. They didnt even bring their interface into the next gen. Still the same junk XMB. Not sure what people see in the thing, but to each their own.
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They are both next generation because they're gen 8 consoles. QED.
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Avirosb posted...
The Wii U isn't next gen, it's current gen.

Alright lets have a big blow out discussion I guess. What makes something next gen? Hardware? Nope. Software? Nope. Timing? DING DING DING DING! Next-Gen- Next-Generation. GENERATION. Which is pertaining to timing. Not hardware. So by definition the Wii U is Nex-Gen. /Next-gen discussion
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Yeah this will get the fanboys in a frenzy. *grabs popcorn* Who else wants some?

ill have some

if its not coverd in that fake butter garbage

Nope,only all natural. ;)

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John Carmack said the PS4 and Xbox One hardware are pretty much identical. Sorry, I'll take his opinion over that of some worthless analyst any day.
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people obviously don't understand how console generations work...
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ill-thoughts posted...
no one here considers the U next gen......not a soul.

I consider it next gen! :D
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Neither the Wii U, Xbone nor PS4 are 'next gen'; we've entered generation 8 of video game consoles.
It's all about *this* gen, next gen is a speculative 4+ years from now.
Console wars are like pissing contests. So yeah.