The difference between Microsoft and sony really..

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How about these?

Excellent. Straight to the point with no digging required and it comes straight from the big guy himself.
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People actually talked about PS4 DRM when Sony patented a No Used Game DRM.

And when Sony patented a form of using your DNA as DRM even earlier.
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^Companies always have lots of patents, that doesn't mean that they'll do them.
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In simple average joe gamer system is cheaper with games, another is more expensive with games and some random camera that they don't want.
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Ah, I too remember the time Sony tried to enforce always online DRM practices.


yea you are aware microsoft and sony had very similar DRM policies yet after seeing microsofts announcement and the negative response sony made a 180 and announced with no drm and shoddily made videos about trading face to face.

strange that people just overlook this

Proof of this?

Yes, please provide proof.

Lol. The proof doesn't exist and never will. Xbone fans simply say this to make Microsoft seem less evil, even though they have no idea what they're talking about.
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^Companies always have lots of patents, that doesn't mean that they'll do them.

Unless it MS right. Because microsoft eats children and sony resurrects them.
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This is a terrible topic. Even by this board's standards.