what are the chances of getting this system without a preorder?

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User Info: Rod1984

3 years ago#1
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User Info: Foxx3k

3 years ago#2
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User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

3 years ago#3
easily probably
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User Info: grampamurked

3 years ago#4
Slim to none. Even harder for the PS4
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User Info: Alexanaxela

3 years ago#5
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User Info: thegreatandrewm

3 years ago#6
about as good as the ps2/ps3/ps4 at launch or the 360 not good at all if you want one you should still try to find a pre order just call a bunch of places they are still out there. you might get lucky also on day one or there is always ebay for 4 times the price.

it cant be that hard no one wants a xboner anyways according to this site rofl
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User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#7
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
easily probably
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User Info: Dannyson97

3 years ago#8
Ain't gonna be that hard, Microsoft is working hard to make sure there enough to did ill preorders, I doubt they can fill it all so if your quick you'll be fine.
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User Info: FusionC

3 years ago#9
I doubt you will find one on launch day....and then the very next weekend is black Friday...but if your talking about 3+ weeks after launch you will start to see PS4s and Xb1s pretty commonly I believe
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User Info: adonfraz

3 years ago#10
Tough to find a Day One but it shouldn't be too hard to get a standard edition.
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