Are you hyped for Ryse?

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User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#11
TheolaHalo posted...
I really excited at first.
After seeing the meh multiplayer stuff Id say Im at a mild interest now.

EXACTLY how I feel. I was all about Ryse at first, but the multiplayer looks really mediocre, so I'm not gonna get it now. Too many great games to get that. I do appreciate the mocap thing they've done in that game, and I'd like to see that more often next gen, but I'll pass.
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User Info: Sable_Knight

3 years ago#12
grampamurked posted...
I look forward to playing it yes. Hype is a strong word that, imo, doesn't apply to any launch title on any platform.

Well forget about launch titles, but Smash Bros? I think there is lots of hype there.
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User Info: Dionysus

3 years ago#13
I like good beat em ups, but this one looks pretty lame. I get the feeling that they were restricted by the Kinect controls early in development, and the final product is too unambitious as a result.

User Info: Dev0311

3 years ago#14
Looks pretty, but boring and shallow
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