Microsoft says they have just has many preorders as ps4.

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3 years ago#121
Halo 4 was the best Call of Duty - gunsndroses
Halo 5: even more CoD Edition coming to Xbone!
3 years ago#122
So... have they said how many more preorders they have over the PS4?

Because if not, they could be saying that they own a hamster that can turn chocolate into solid gold, and it would have the same effect.
I am pro Nintendo on the Nintendo board, so I am not a troll. - Greer
The Wii ran out of gas in 2008- DrSouljaBoi69
3 years ago#123
Foxx3k posted...
This topic won't end well.

This can be said for 99% of all GameFAQs topics.
SalsaSavant posted...
Ignore everything Batdad says.
3 years ago#124
All these fanpups are like Jehovah witnesses... Going topic to topic to spread your 'truth' ...

Regardless of what system has more or less preorders, the games are the things that will tell you what system is doing better....

Hardware is NOT what helps a company win/lose in the long run... Its Software attachment rate...

This is especially true if a company is taking a loss on every system sold, like some company is.... >_>
"Be Smart @ Being Stupid & You'll NEVER Lose"
3 years ago#125
What can be said is ps3/xbox had hundreds of amazing games and that's not gonna change this coming gen for the simple fact every developer supports them. Ill get the same great games I got this gen.
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3 years ago#126
Nice "source", will bump this in December for the lulz.
3 years ago#127
Official reassurance, Microsoft is learning from their Xbots.
3 years ago#128
Launching in only 13 countries Yeah if anyone believes that I just feel sorry for you. Worst behavior.
(R3D) Reborn
3 years ago#129
Ehhh gonna call BS on that MS.

We’re not disclosing pre-order numbers at the moment for accounting reasons but I know for a fact we have just as many.

Yeah I bet that accounting reason is that they counted fewer pre-orders than the PS4 :P
PSN/XBL/Steam - cowboyoni
3 years ago#130
MrZone posted...
PR spin.

We do know that the preorder numbers were well below expectation before the policy changes.

Hey... Hey...

Psst... Psst!

*whispers* I have a XBOX One, but you can't see it! just trust me ok?!
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