To the people getting this on launch day

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User Info: danl0134

3 years ago#21
Dead Rising 3! Will DL KI and Crimson Dragon.

I may go for CoD or AC4 before the year ends.
Great job!
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User Info: sulkythefish

3 years ago#22
mike468 posted...
EGMRULZ posted...
sulkythefish posted...
Do you know what else you will buy with the console?

At the moment I'm getting
Day 1 forza bundle

Not sure about the last 2 as I've not seen that much coverage about it and if COD is garbage online on the 360 I'll just cancel my preorder for it.

Dude, that's over $900 you're going to be spending on it. If I were you I'd do something else with that paycheck.

That's nothing. Some us who are grabbing both next gen systems at launch + games are looking at a $1,200+ bill easily.

As for me:
XBO - $500
PS4 - $400
Killer Instinct fightstick - $200
XBL Subscription - $60
KI - $40
Crimson Dragon $20
Battlefield 4 - $70
Forza 5 - $80
total - $1,370

That doesn't include shipping & tax, or other games I'm considering getting (like Assassin's Creed 4, COD or Ryse). Nor does it factor in games like Destiny or TitanFall which where pre-ordered, but don't come out for a few months.

Sorry for the late reply but just got up.

I can buy so much for the system because I put some money down earlier in the year and everything I have traded in this year I've left as credit so when the xb1 comes out I won't have to pay any money at the time because I've saved up.

I was going to get aps4 as well but canceled my pre order when I got my PC a few months ago as I didn't think I needed all 3 and I prefer Xbox to PS
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