does cod Ghosts have novelty reticles and gun camo?

#1soysaucemanPosted 10/21/2013 10:36:54 AM
I wish they didn't
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soysauceman posted...
I wish they didn't

Okay i just want to start by saying I feel bad for what I'm about to say.

So, first of all your answer to your own question should be, I hope it doesn't. if your answer was correct then your topic title should have been worded differently.

Second of all why on earth would you create this topic?
Does cod Ghosts have novelty reticles and gun camo?

I ask you this because you gave some sort of poorly worded answer to your own question which kind of made your topic redundant. Why, well mainly because anyone who comes in here will read your post, like I did and think that you're incapable of understanding any intelligent response.

On topic however, target reticles don't interest me one bit and I'm happy with the standard. Gun camo on the other hand is just a bit of fun and I can't see a problem with as many different kinds as they can get.
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I feel like this thread would be better off at the ghost board. If only there was one...