I am buying an XBOX One before a PS4 because XBOX 360 rocked

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knightimex posted...
TwistedxL3G3ND posted...

Man I sure love me that ad less OS there... Oh wait...
That's what I see when I turn on my PS3.

And not a single one of those is referring to Mc Donalds, subway or mountain dew either.....

A notification of a game sale or release should not be seen as an ad.

Going out to eat a cheese burger has nothing to do with Xbox.

Um, is it not "advertising" the sale or game? Drake and The Hangover 3 aren't ads either right?
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I just thought I add(no pun intended), I really don't pay attention to ads in either console. Because most of the time all it take is a simple button press to play a game therefore they're in no way "in my way".
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lilj812 posted...
TC doesn't care about specs, better graphics, more games, paying less, and getting a whole bunch of free games through psn?

Well, have fun with the xbone :)

Considering you had to list paying less twice, it seems that the PS4 is mostly a console for the poorer gamers who let their wallets determine what consoles they CAN buy. Better graphics and better specs are also the same thing... This is pretty pathetic padding.

Basically, price and graphics. Games? Yeah Killzone and Knack is so much better than Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon, Dead Rising 3, Ryse and Forza 5....

Games, PS4 does not have. 2014 looks even worse for PS4 going up against the X1.
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Satchmo25 posted...
you're boring us troll, we prefer better games, better online, better controllers, better features, and a better community.

Then why are you supporting the Xbox One?
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Well he meant specifically compared to the PS4, which really has nothing but better specs and crap in everything else.
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OS: The original blade OS? everything since? total crap, not a huge fan of xmedia either but metro suck balls, also achievements are a million times better than trophies for reasons I cannot explain.

Online Service: absolutely, its for this reason that I applaud sony's decision to charge for online

Controller: Yep, love the 360 controller

Games: not a chance in hell, and I loathe most of sony's exclusives (including LOU) while liking but being generally indifferent to Halo,Forza and Gears, however, I would be hard pressed to find a great non multiplatform game on the 360 outside of that, looking at my 100+ 360 games I see TWO (Vesperia and Lost Oddyssey) that I could not have bought on the ps3 had my friends choice to buy 360's not obligated me to buy 360. Comparatively the ps3 had RPG's, (namely Atlus) a genre almost completely non existent on the 360, games like Demon Souls, 3D Dot Game Heroes and Disgaea 3-5.
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for the record if I hadn't already long since paid off my ps4 and it being far too late to get a x1 I likely would too since everything notable seems to have been delayed and at least Titanfall and Forza 5 look to be on track. At this rate my ps4 will just be the bluray player in that living room I can play Battlefield 4 on for several months.
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Could not agree with you more TC......
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I am buying a Virtual Boy because Gameboy rocked!
"Exactly correct TC..."
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Personally I'm going to end up owning them both....Xbox will come first though...not because it's a "superior system"
But because my fingers have been waiting to lay the smack down with Jago again over a decade.
BUT here's the thing. PS has generally offered a wider selection of games. And while the starting lineup looks so-so (and really, I don't think we've seen a GOOD starting lineup since...SNES?) I'm sure PS4 will not cease to satisfy. Especially since a lot of my favorite previous gen games are getting redone on PS3, like FFX HD and such, Xbox is a "moving forward" system that gave up on providing backlog capability for the 360 after promising to keep it going...I was so mad I couldn't play all my old Prince of Persia's.