Titanfall Goes Big With $250 Collector's Edition On March 11 Release Date

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3 years ago#21
TreGooda posted...
Are people actually going to drop an extra $190 on a figurine + artbook?

Only rich people are buying the xb1. They scoff at 190$ extra.
Can't keep a good man down. More Fe + C than you.
3 years ago#22
That is a lot of money.
3 years ago#23
I could of sworn people were saying this was coming to playstation.

This is why I'm never going to get a ps4
3 years ago#24
It seems like they keep going further and further with these types of ripoffs, and people will buy them, lol.
3 years ago#25
Sniper_Brosef posted...
kingofjamaica posted...
That's a ridiculous amount of money EA is spending on a completely untested franchise.

That currently has an ass load of buzz behind it. Seriously, why do anonymous posters always question the business decisions of extremely succesful companies. Newsflash: They know more than you about their product and their market.

Because we've seen things like the Tomb Raider Fiasco, where they broke franchise selling records, lost money from overbudgetting and publicly blamed fans for it (not EA of course, but a lot of people questioned that, and were correct)
3 years ago#26
I preordered it.

quit being so jealous of others who can afford it, is everyone broke on this forum or just in highschool or college who b***h about being poor. Save your money if it's something you want. If you don't want it or know it's not feasible then who are you to flame others.

I love statues, so I got it preordered on amazon. It's not like I spent any money preordering it since preordering is FREE on amazon. If i don't want it by march, i'll cancel...

it's just $250 surely you can eat 1 less fast food meal a week between now and march to buy it.
3 years ago#27
A foot and a half tall? I value my shelf space even more than the money.
Raizing. Psikyo. Toaplan.
3 years ago#28
It comes out the day after my birthday. I may spurge on the Collector's Edition. it does look pretty badass. It would also look pretty cool next to my halo Reach Diorama.
The Official Thunder Of The Killer Instinct Board
3 years ago#29
lol and the game lacks any single player component lol
See The Game Collection
3 years ago#30
I can't believe this costs more than Steel Battalion, minus cool controller for operating the giant mech thing.
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