Theoretically, could they release an emulator app for XBLA games? Or something?

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That's probably the absolute biggest thing that ticks me off about this system. It's this new, shiny console designed specifically for the digital age, and yet they didn't include a way to carry over the digital library that they've ALREADY established in THIS generation.

It's just crazy to me. They spend all these years with the 360, providing us with an amazing library of digital titles, and then when their new console is being designed, they DON'T add a way to enable the library of games that's already there?

I know it's unlikely to happen but, I'm curious, do you think it'd be possible to create an XBLA App, somehow, that would let us import our XBLA/XBLI libraries? That's a LOT of digital stuff, and I own a TON of digital games. Having access to them would lighten the burden of owning an X1 at launch, plus it just makes sense.

(Reminder: I know this is unlikely to ever happen. I'm just talking hypothetical.)
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There are a two ways this could be done.

1. On a case by case basis. Each game is ported over to the X1 individually.

2. An emulator is developed. Every game will then be compatible, as long as the developers stuck to Microsoft's guidelines.

I only see option 1 happening, because Microsoft would love to make you double-purchase every game you can.
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Theoretically? Yes. It's possible, strictly speaking.
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