Xbox One the First Xbox Console without a Tecmo Dead or Alive Launch game

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autobotdan posted...
Isn't killer Instinct on Xbox One 720p native resolution? Itagaki would have pushed for 900p native resolution like Ryse haha

No, he would've pushed for a 1080p60fps DOA game and I have no doubt he would've gotten it too. The guy was a genius dev. I really miss his games =/

Tecmo hasn't been the same ever since he left. Ninja Gaiden hasn't been the same either. Look at how bad NG3 was when it first came out. Itagaki would've never released a NG game like that. I really hope someone steps in and gets w/e his studio is working on to come out next gen. The gaming industry needs devs like him instead of this sequel rehashed garbage that keeps coming out.
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I know there was some news that Devil's Third was still being developed back in like May, but I've given up on it ever seeing it released. The one trailer it had was actually pretty cool too.
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