Ryse is overhyped and will be boring

#1Kosmo240985Posted 10/23/2013 8:16:21 AM
Now i'm buying an xbox one. and i'm getting almost every xbox one game.

regardless of how ryse looks, it looks like it'll be boring as hell after a while.

I base this off the ocmbat.

the premise of this combat is slash slash bash QTE for final kill, and it slows the kill down.

now many will have differing views on this, but it almost reminds me of the earlier AC combat.

lock on, slash slash assassinate.

you'll quickly go through the different kills and then it will fall onto the story to keep you enthralled.
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Hurray for opinions!
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I dont see why everyone bashes ryse when its a violent original ip, they usually get tons of praise. The gameplay will likely be very tight and smooth similar to the batman arkham series, the devs compared the combat to batman, maybe they are wrong. Of course, maybe tc has a time machine and knows how ryse is going to turn out
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batman combat was very very simplistic, but fun. If Ryse is similar I will be happy.
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So will knack. I guess not every game is made for everyone.
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Isn't every game a QTE? In every single game you press a button and you watch something happen.
#8Reflex-ArcPosted 10/23/2013 9:15:37 AM
If by "overhyped" you mean "gets more negative topics posted about it than any other XB1 launch title", then yes, it is over hyped. This game is the J.R. Ewing of launch titles.
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nice review, of course im sure you've played it right?

I mean who would make a post saying a game sucks without having played it?

oh... right...
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Kosmo240985 posted...
the premise of this combat is slash slash bash QTE for final kill, and it slows the kill down.

I thought people loved god of war?
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