4K console gaming starts on Xbone in CoD Ghosts at launch

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I love the Xbox One and all but there is no way it can do Ghosts at 4K. This won't start happening until the generation after this, or a later version of a Steam box perhaps.

Upscaling is for idiots anyway
Its about the native resolution that would be impressive and the NATIVE Resolution for CoD Ghosts on the One is 720p while on the PS4 it is NATIVE 1080p

Anyway its sad the Xbox One can't handle a game with such an outdated Engine while the PS4 is doing Killzone 4,the most beautiful NextGen Game right now, in NATIVE 1080p with 60fps(30fps in SP)
Xbox One is lagging behind a lot especially with 3rd Party - And their 1st/2nd Party is crap too as it looks like.
Cause Forza has a lot of features missing so it is easy to achieve native 1080p/60fps here while Ryse and others who have those technical gimmics that make NextGen the NextGen can't do more than 900p or like others are stuck and 720p NATIVE Resolutions.

But Xbots will think UPSACALED 1080p is the same as NATIVE 1080p cause they want to justify to themself their 100$ more expensive piece of plastic.

What? Upscaled is exactly the same as native on Xbone. Like the PC version, Xbone renders natively to the output resolution you select. Also that means Girlzone is only 40fps on average. You get 30% more pixels in the standard 60fps of The Forza Superior