Official releveant specs have been revealed.

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It is up to developers to use that power, and trust me developers these days are putting out very lazy games. Sorry PS4 all that power is never going to be used.. Only Naughty Dog will put out a game that uses all that power.

They do on the PC with a much lessor amount of sales

Not really. If anything, PC optimization is getting sloppier and sloppier.

Yeah its a pretty terrible argument. Xeeh_Bitz obviously did not think this through. PC games look like a joke compared to what they would look like if developers actually tried to max it out. Thats why PC games will look better after this next generation of consoles even though these consoles are crap compared to real PCs.

As for 50% performance, Digital Foundry found that when all things are equal, the 50% more powerful GPU led to only a 24% increase in performance, so people need to understand that specs do not translate so neatly into results.

This is also before the Xbox upclocked both their CPU and GPU and without knowing what the offloading abilities of the Xbox CPU will do.
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Can I have real specs , please?
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Sony has seemed less like a gaming company that Microsoft.

You really said that.


Sarcasm, I hope.

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Sony has seemed less like a gaming company that Microsoft, the PS3 was a huge disappointment to me,2I got over $1000 worth of content from PSN and threw it all away cause Sony did not know what they were doing and I felt I was screwed because of it, hell had to get a new bank card in case my info was leaked out during that whole debacle sometime back.

I have the strangest feeling that you did not go through this experience nor did you own a PS3...
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