I can't wait to tell my Xbone Fanboy friend at work about sub-hd games...

#11FinzFan4lifePosted 10/26/2013 2:31:11 PM
PhilBrooksTNF posted...
Lol all we talk about is video games most of the time around our female friends. My friend only plays CoD, BF, and crap like that. I know way more and play better games.

Do you wonder why you are still a virgin?
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khardbored posted...
Wow. You just can't wait to rub it in your friends face? So glad I don't have friends like you.

Why not? Guys piss on each others all the time and joke like that, makes some people closer.
#13streamjumperPosted 10/26/2013 4:07:35 PM
PhilBrooksTNF posted...
He's such an Xbot he makes excuses about everything. So I can't wait to tell him CoD Ghosts, BF4, KI all not being full 1080p hd. xD

I wonder what he will say.

What a jerk that guy is! I mean, he likes things you don't like.

Couldn't he be a cool guy like you who does cool things like talks to strangers about humiliating and degrading people he calls "friends" and going out of their way to cause strife with coworkers?

Congratulations. I hope you live a rich life down there in your parent's basement. Well, rich enough to handle the eventual lack of companionship.
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#14The_Pope_MobilePosted 10/29/2013 9:10:10 PM
My friend is waiting till he works again to do the same thing to one of his co-workers give him hell tc.. blind fanboyism leading to the purchase of a more expensive but inferior product is just sad.
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Ah, it appears he's run out of posts for now. He'll be back tomorrow.