hating on xboxone is like kicking a man when hes down

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The xbox reminds me of that fat kid that got bullied in college. I stood up for him, and maybe I will stand up for microsoft to and buy one at launch.

did the fat kid give you any rewards? I ask because MS won't.

Besides funding pretty much everything at your local schools.

I'm Canadian...so MS doesn't fund anything local or even in my country :P. And I don't think Ms will be all like "Hey SythisTaru bought an XBOne, let's give thousands/millions of dollars to his local area"! Schools are government funds (minus private schools), and MS is not part of your government, they just get taxed by them like everything else.
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Hard to feel sympathy for the Xbone when it is so smug, arrogant, and obnoxious.

"Pay me $100 more for an inferior experience! Do it entitled gamers! Do it!"
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It probably was a great piece of hardware until corporate suits came in and messed it up. I'm sure Don Mattrick tried his best but they wouldnt listen which prompted his exit before the ship started sinking.