Anyone else cancelling their Xbox One Preorder and picking up the Wii U?

#31InjusticeRebornPosted 10/26/2013 11:58:00 PM
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
First of all, show me where I said Kinect is a Spybox, I did however said it will not revolutionize gaming. Cloud is fairly worthless, considering if the game requires the cloud, it also acts as DRM and if you can't get online. You simply can't play the game. Dedicated servers are not the savior to online gaming, latency is determined based on distance and type of connection, fiber optics does remove that but only a small portion of the world even has access to such. Those are all facts.

The first point about Kinect, I think I can agree with. But is that because of the stubborn old-school gamer within me (same for everyone else who shuns it?), is it the game developers fault, for not attempting to utilize it? Who knows what could happen with motion gaming as a whole, if at least someone out there put 100% into it?

As for the Cloud statement. Forza 5 uses it, does it not? If you aren't connected to it, you can still play the game? That makes your 'fact' incorrect, does it not?

Agree with the dedi servers.