No gameplay of actual X1 units?

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Anything posted from Cinemablend is Sony fanboy drivel.
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The roadshow definitely has actual X1 units but I support recycling on principle, and this is definite E3 trolling recycled. Cinemablend is saving the planet, one troll "article" at a time.
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Considering they're taking Xbox Ones all over the country and letting people actually play them themselves, I'd say people have seen gameplay.
Hell, it's about time.
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Isn't that the GTX photo from E3? So they are comparing a recent PS4 photo to a months old one of Xbox at E3? I went to one of the Xbox One tour locations, it was definitely xb1 units running the games. The systems were out on display with no place to hide a pc.

Talk all you want about the inferiority of the system and rumors, but this is just flat out lying.