Starting from Scratch: Building Forza 5s New Car Roster(Great read on Forza 5)

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Great read, I would find it awesome if my Jeep Liberty made it but I doubt it lol. I do hope Jeep gets some more recognition in Forza as Jeep is an iconic brand.

Can't wait for Forza 5 Native 1080p & 60FPS goodness.

I guess I'll just have to see the roster and make the final judgment. I am all for newer roster of cars. Forza 4 had a lot of cars from Forza 3 and Forza 2. I skipped the majority of those.

Oh and 1080/60 isn't really that big of a deal. GT5 flaws and all achieved that already. I'm pretty sure Forza could if the 360 itself was capable.
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I'm getting forza on launch day but based on the announced cars so far, I don't buy that they've gone through and rebuilt the line-up from scratch

You can believe what you want, but if the developers said it then, until reason not to, it's best to believe them.

Turn 10 hasn't given us any reason to doubt them so why not believe them? They have been working on this game since Forza 4 and a little earlier.

It's completely possible for them knowing the skill that Turn 10 has.

Nearly every car that they have announced was in forza 4, pretty much the only ones that weren't in it were ones that didn't exist at the time

Again until their is reason to doubt, I would rather believe what the DANG DEVELOPERS said on THEIR OWN DANG GAME than some conspiracy theorist on GFaqs.
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As long as they have my Aventador. It was like driving a cloud, on top of a cloud, but the cloud has a V12.