Are ya scared of Kinect Spying on you: Now you can buy something that stops it

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Just buy a towel.
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Just had to come back to repost the best comment from the OP link

I just hope a nice hacker out there can find a hack to intercept the kinect's feed and inject the 2 girls 1 cup video into it, so MS or NSA will just be viewing 2G1C on loop.

Together we can make this happen.
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2girls1cup turns me on.
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So, curiosity got the better of me, and after all this talk of 'NSA scare', I had to Google it.

From what I've read, it's been going on for at least 6 years. Surely most of us have cracked one off on the internet, webcam or no, during said time? We were fine then, though we didn't know we were being watched. Nothing happened. Why the fuss now?

If the Internet Explorer app on the One (should I go with it) be the only way for me to visit adult material websites without the Mrs finding out, then so be it. I'm not fussed.

You can check my heart rate whilst I do it. Yay for you NSA.
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I'll just close my eyes and the NSA won't be able to see me! HA!

I'm going to play Call of Duty Commando style in my chair so the NSA can get a nice picture of my Captain.

Will it stand to attention.

LOL, no. Like all xbone fanboys he is morbidly obese and hasn't seen his private (come on be honest, it clearly isn't a captain and anyone else watching will know that too) in years.

Oh and CoD sucks. If you seriously look forward to a new CoD, you kinda fail at gaming.

Lol wow, so salty. People take their GFaqs so seriously lol.
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