Sony dropping the PS Camera hurt Xbox One bad

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2 years ago#31
TerraUniverse posted...
TMOG posted...
TerraUniverse posted...
It's the opposite. The developers are just going to create games for Xbox One Kinect, which sells very well.

Just like all those quality Kinect games on the Xbox 360

For families and dance fans, yeah they were pretty popular. The Xbox 360 was usually the most popular and most unique experience for dance games when compared to the Wii or PS3.

That was all the Kinect offered though, dancing and petting the air pretending there was a tiger there.
2 years ago#32

The Kinect was the best selling add-on or device in HISTORY I believe...

ahhhhhh yes....

"fastest-selling consumer device."

On the other hand, everywhere I've read the PS3 Eye was trash, garbage, didn't sell....

So yes, smart move by Sony....No one wants that crap, go wave your wands all you'd like :)
2 years ago#33
TerraUniverse posted...

I'm pretty sure Star Wars Kinect was something they went out of their way to sign a deal for. It was a good game for kids and families.

That was this gen, I'm talking about next gen, when they force you to buy the camera.
There isn't a single good or new game that would make people want to get a kinect.
2 years ago#34
I don't think Microsoft needs any help burying the Xbox One.
2 years ago#35
TJ_UNLIMITED posted...
BloodyDove2vs posted...
Does anyone truly wants to invite the NSA into your home?

XB1 buyers do

Ignorance..Ignorance everywhere
2 years ago#36
Xbox off.
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