Xbox One Cable Services Outside U.S.A.?

#1ZGMF_600_GuaizPosted 10/28/2013 12:03:08 PM
I live in Mexico and I would like to know if in the future MS will offer similar services as the NFL ones for american audiences?

I had considered getting an Xbox One, but if I understand correctly, many services won't be available outside the U.S.A. right away.

Furthermore, I do want to point out that unlike the U.S.A., here in Mexico football soccer is the more popular sport (as well as in many other latin american countries). I can personally say that I'm not interested in NFL related services, but I would be in football soccer related services (local and international).

Does anyone know if MS has made any announcement about future services of this nature? And if so, has MS provided any tentative schedule for their implementation?