If so many people are not getting an xbox one according to messages and polls...

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Some of us don't rant or try to convince people that they are idiots for wanting an X1.
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Embo-1 posted...
How come they are all over this board?

I look at this board regularly because I am getting the x1, so I like to see whats new. I don't plan on getting a ps4 for a while so I never even go near that board because I don't worry myself about anything to do with it at the moment.

Fair enough to people undecided, but why do people come here to rant about the x1 if they don't plan on getting it anyway?

Because some people are just jerks who enjoy sticking their thumbs in other people's eyes. Anything else they say is just a lie.
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This board is for X1 discussion, whether it be positive or negative right? If so, TC's question still makes sense. Why not "discuss" PS4 on their boards then? Not much "discussion" going on over there.
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Human Nature...and not a good part either.

People love and obsess over being "right". Some are so broken inside that they absolutely need to make sure others know this and in addition they need to mock others for making a different choice.
I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.
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regsantotomas posted...
Many individuals feel that they need to proselytize over others for their personal entertainment choices.

I really have no opinion on why folks post what they do,but I do heartily approve of the word "proselytize".I thought I was the only one who used it in normal conversation.
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stekim40 posted...
I guess in the attempt to stop children and ill-informed adults from making a very BAD purchase that they will regret?

A bold and wise statement.
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This advertising platform costs more and is underpowered, with now even the XBL crashing and burning, its like watching the Hindenburg go down while jamming to Metallica; people are curious and enjoying it.

Now lets review. From the companies #DealWithIt, trying to "change the definition of ownership" of games, telling the military to "stick with the 360" "TV TV TV" ignoring the western market, KINECT 2.0 being "Designed for advertising" according to Microsoft themselves, the NSA spy scandal, lying about every single thing and how could anyone look away?

It's the biggest crash and burn of the new millennium, thus far. It's even better than EA blowing Sim City and becoming the worlds worst company. Who do you think is the next "worlds worst company" winner after the few people that stubbornly ignored the news and bought the XBOX ONE realizes they were duped?

Ill give you a hint...It start with Microsof and ends with a "t"

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BloodyDove2vs posted...
stekim40 posted...
I guess in the attempt to stop children and ill-informed adults from making a very BAD purchase that they will regret?

A bold and wise statement.

There is nothing wise about using ad hominems to support an argument.
the bitter truth is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. ~ Anton Ego
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Discussion of negatives is just as fair as discussion of positives, the Xbone just happens to have so much negative going for it, after it put a bullseye on it's chest at E3 with all the anti-consumerism that they've since backpeddled on, but the seeds were planted.
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I think it's funny that there can be tons of Sony fanboys flooding this board with troll topics and comments and they never get deleted or banned. Post a negative topic or comment about Sony or the ps4 on those boards and watch it get deleted in less than 5 mins. Even the mods are bias.