I am seriously considering an Xbox One over a PS4 this generation

#31benjimainPosted 10/29/2013 6:26:52 PM
Well, TC, do you want to pay more for objectively inferior multiplatforms, and to forfeit all those amazing exclusives you would be getting at the hands of Sony's unmatched and world class first party devs?

Do not let a rag tag of Xbox exclusives fool you at launch. The 360 also had a decent launch line-up and it ended up getting decimated by the PS3 library, and that was after a disastrous, dead-last start by Sony.

We are looking at an amazing, rocketing to first place start from Sony this time, and a system easier to develop for than the PS3 ever could hope to be.

Also, considering the PS4 makes a mockery of the One in power, whatever silly little features the Bone tries to reach out to, the PS4 can do it even better!
#32benjimainPosted 10/29/2013 6:31:16 PM
icewolf74 posted...
Hopefully, Microsoft can keep up the newly gained momentum they have just received, so I don't regret my decision in say a year from now.

I'm sorry but after this I'm starting to suspect this thread is troll bait and you're an Xbox fanboy who was getting a Bone anyway.

What momentum is this that you speak of? The One's games being likely 720p all gen with a hope to get to 900p some day? That the OS and XBL portion are in completely technical meltdown and disarray? How about the being out gunned monumentally in pre-orders for both the system and software? I'd really love to know what this momentum is!