Xbox One buyers convinced 720p is better than 1080p.

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Nice OpEd, Jack.
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JiZamez posted...

No one actually thinks that just you really can't notice a huge difference
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Looks pretty good to me!
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You do realize that's a satire website, right? The video game equivalent of The Onion.
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Many Sony fans are unable to fight back against this claim since they used the same argument to say that having three exclusive launch titles is better than four.

That article's great. It gets the Xbox bashing in and then flips it around at the end for a bit of Sony trolling as well. It just needed to slam the Wii U somewhere and it'd be complete.
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All jokes aside. When it comes to console gaming 720p is better than 1080p.
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Feel sorry for the people that cannot understand the satire of that site.
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Most of us just don't care. The difference isn't game breaking.