After all these topics and discussions and me going back and forth

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There is little to zero difference in the graphics. To this point its a non factor.
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It's only a factor if you're truly a Charles Doyle.
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I thought Xbox was supposed to have clouds?
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Basically. Like I see more detailed texture in Xbox. But PS4 is higher res and not as dark.

I think this is basically how this gen will be. Nitpicking.
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Not zero difference but they are REALLY close.

The PS4 version looks a bit smoother, but not as sharp as the XB0 version. Colors pop more on the XB0 version, but PS4 version has slightly more detail in certain shots.

Looks almost identical though - I'd be very happy with either one.
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These are both launch games as systems age developers find ways to use more of a systems power.

But there are two takeaways.

The PS4 is pushing a higher frame rate which means better hardware.

This means two possible things.

On multiplatform games with same graphic settings the PS4 can push a higher resolution


If a developer decided to scale back the PS4 version to 720p they could toss in better graphics, textures, etc.

The point here is we have two consoles. Games will look great on both.
One DOES have a definite hardware advantage for sure now.

The system with the hardware advantage is $100 less.
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The blinders on you people deserves a major psychological study.
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I had preordered the one but had been looking for a ps4 instead because of all the graphics talk.