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Convince a PS4 owner to defect
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Twitch Getting DDoS Just Like PSN!!!!
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Darkness3389298/26 10:01PM
Is it possible to create an offline only account?CammyApple78/26 9:55PM
does Xbox One version of FIFA 15 have any exclusive features?
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reptileegg138/26 9:47PM
Do you care how much your console sells?
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destiny1990518/26 9:05PM
14 more cars revealed for Forza Horizon 2DirkMcGurkin78/26 8:59PM
I just turned my 360 on after re setting it up and my X1 came on at same timereptileegg88/26 8:50PM
Why won't game developers understand time sensitive events are terrible.
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levyjl1988138/26 8:40PM
What If Microsoft Adds Cortana Into The Xbox One OS System?
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kereke12238/26 8:40PM
COD fanbase in a nutshell? do you feel it's true?
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BushidoEffect3388/26 8:30PM
Im On ONEAttackOnTitan28/26 8:21PM
Just got one.
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Tushy2010168/26 8:17PM
Metro Redux, buy or pass?bLiNdSnIpErZ20108/26 7:45PM
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