Did you guys see igns BF4 xbox one vs ps4 comparisons?

#21656stoogePosted 10/30/2013 12:43:40 AM
xtacb posted...
PS4 version has low level clouds in one scene , xbox one version in the same scene simply didnt have those clouds at all

Lol. Except it's been pointed out on NeoGAF that the clouds look to be a glitch on the PS4 version.

Look at the PC and X1 version and notice that the clouds are still there, they're just white. For some reason all the clouds closer to the foreground in the PS4 version are coloured grey. And I'm pretty sure the PC version could handle grey clouds if it wanted.

Not a bad difference though, as I still can't tell which colour I prefer them.

The PS4 does look better in the majority of comparison picks though. He's a trick. Save the pics to a USB and then look at them on your TV. At proper scale you can really notice the X1's lower resolution.
And ignore the Digitalfoundry comparison pics anyway. They made the X1 version look like crap.
*changed my mind. The Last of Us is amazing!*
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