I have been a xbox fanboy since the beginning but..

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The difference is not that big....
This Topic Sounds just like the ones them social rejects post to sell their religion on the PC boards.
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Good for you, take a hike Sony Fanboy and troll in your natural habitat.


No wonder I blocked that guy. Too bad I can still see his posts when people quote him, though.
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The hyperbole is strong with this one. If graphics advantage matters that much to you then invest in a PC. I understand not wanting to pay the extra $100 for Kinect though.
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If its graphics you want, just go to pc. The games will be far smoother too thanks to higher fps.
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The battlefield 4 comparisons aren't even remotely close.

They're not that far apart.

The PS4 version certainly looks better. No doubt about that, what with it having better textures and more detail. But the X1 version really doesn't look so much worse that it's incomparable.

I'd even argue that in a few of them, the X1 version even looks better. This is one for example:


Not sure how that looks better. Detail is still squashed by all that black, and jaggies to boot. I suppose the top part gives you a clearer view of the skyscraper, since there's less aura from the water vapour in the air, but I was still able to tell which version was which after one cycle, without even having the bottom left of the picture on my screen.

Just like to point out, that that isn't water vapour. XD
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I must be going blind because every screen shot i have seen of BF4 the XB1 version looks better and i don't care if it's due to sharpening it just looks better,the textures look to have a lot more detail and the PS4 should be called the blurstation everything just looks blurry
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Good for you, take a hike Sony Fanboy and troll in your natural habitat.

-take a hike-

it's been awhile ^.^
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Rest in peace Xbox brand.