BF4, xbox one doesnt render some clouds, while PS4 does? (gif) is this legit?

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bad sign lol...the shills will not be able to defend this lol...all of their work will be destroyed when this thing hits the shelves

lmao @ the fact he explained away about how the clouds were blah blah blah...said nothing about the missing camo lmao

Yes, they will be able to defend it. This is never going to end. They're always going to take some subjective quality of the X1 version, like the colour of grass, and argue it over the PS4's objective qualities to say "Well, I like the X1 version better!". Trolls are going to repeatedly bash them over the heads with links from analysts and journalists clearly expressing which version is superior, and the cycle is going to repeat itself. It's ludicrous.

The X1 is going to be an awesome console. Awesome online service. Kinect. Dedicated servers. Mature OS with Windows App integration. Best gaming controller on earth.

Had to stop you there. I'm okay with all your other opinions but the controller thing is objectively, flat out wrong. I'm not going to argue aesthetics or ergonomics ( there is a case for both staggered and symmetrical DA's) but simply quality. How many 360 controllers have you owned over the lifetime of your console? I know every one I've owned has severe analog walk, something that none of my Sony or Nintendo controllers have gotten after much more mileage. Hell I have N64 controllers with analogs that work better than my 2 year old 360 pads. and don't even get me started on that pathetic excuse for a d-pad.....

I've heard the Xbox One controller has a better d-pad but I've seen nothing to convince me that MS has increase the quality of it's manufacturing standards. Microsoft is solidly in 3rd when it comes to controller quality and unless they seriously upped their game with this system, I don't see that changing.
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thing is, if PS4 was 720p and xbox1 was 1080p, you just know a bunch of xbox1 fans would be all over the PS4 boards talking smack

Probably. Still doesn't justify it though.
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lmao @ the fact he explained away about how the clouds were blah blah blah...said nothing about the missing camo lmao

It's not missing camo, it's just different. One is woodland (PS4), which is what is currently being used as a deployment uniform for Army and Air Force, the other is desert camo (XO), much like what you expect to see on Marines.
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Wow, look at all the jaggies seen on the rifle sight on the XBOX ONE....takes me right back to the 360.

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