Confirmed- COD Ghosts is 720p

#1DjnarduPosted 10/30/2013 11:43:39 AM
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$500 dollars well spent.
#3SoulTrapperPosted 10/30/2013 11:45:53 AM
Ouch, that's got to sting.

We knew there would be a difference, but it showing up this clearly and this early on is a pretty bad sign.
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Max reply topic with everything from "500 dollars well spent" to "Poor idiot Xboners - paying more for inferior product".....

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#6TheKing012Posted 10/30/2013 11:47:01 AM
"until this is confirmed, I won't believe it."
#7JWJW99Posted 10/30/2013 11:47:23 AM
There is always next gen MS...that is if you don't close your division for horrible hardware decisions.
#8Xeeh_BitzPosted 10/30/2013 11:47:30 AM
Really? A weakass game like CoD Ghosts can't be ran at 1080P but the Wii U can?
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Another source. Rough.
#10JWJW99Posted 10/30/2013 11:48:17 AM
TheKing012 posted...
"until this is confirmed, I won't believe it."

Executive producer of IW is enough to confirm