Xbox One has Skype, Kinect, and HD graphics, what do sony ponies get?

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Wow they just keep on coming, LOL
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Topic title is wrong TC, Xbox One doesn't have HD graphics, refer to Ghosts and BF4

720P is not HD
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BadLuckInc posted...
vashtricham posted...
OPD188 posted...
I don't want skype and don't want the kinnect. Actually having been an Xbox person for the last ten years I would have went with the One if kinnect had not been forced and MS was not so interested in advertising to me.

As far as HD the PS4 is the articles. I buy a system for GAMES not gimmicks or something I can do on my home computer.

This, plus most have computers, tv's, phones and tablets that can do all those things that sony left out. Sony is giving us the better gaming console and that what im buying it for gaming.

But what games...

Infamous, resogun, the order, driveclub, killzone, guilty gear, injustice, diablo 3, final fantasy 14, all mutliplats, i can name many more but your just a xbot who thinks only their system can play multiplats. KI looks terrible, forza no interest and titanfall im getting on pc. So i should say x1 what games but i wont so i dont look like a desperate xbot
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We get a way better game console/ blue ray player!
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This is a bad troll, is like a 720p troll, we used to have full hd trolls, they are gone.
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Well, they cannot turn off the glow on the top of the controller, it can be found in the dark.
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why can't the failstation 4 do what the xbox won can?
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PinkPikachu posted...
No Mp3s,
No DNLA support,


I'll tell you what Sony gets...14 rehashed, up-rezed games that where released more than 6 months ago.
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1) more HD-er graphics
2) Sony IPs
3) touchpad
4) user upgradable storage
5) slightly more concrete streaming plans
6) cheaper
7) future VR
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