Snap Mode and Dashboard vid - maybe new?

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2 years ago#1
Apologies if this has been posted, but I did a quick search ('snap mode') and it only came up with two topics... so I thought I'd post.

Looks pretty swift. Penello's reply to this 'leak'?

"This is an old XDK build. Not up to date. Game doesn't get squeezed like that and it's super slow. Current builds WAY faster."
2 years ago#2
Shameless bump.
2 years ago#3
saw the video but not the quote..... that would explain the black box when minimizing. cool stuff dude..... seemed just as fast as id want it to be. cant wait to see faster!!!!
2 years ago#4
Wow, i think that looked really good! If its gonna be running faster then even better :) Handy for keeping an eye on these forums while i game :P
UniGamer93 -
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2 years ago#5
S--- like this will get buried under the thousand 720p topics.
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  3. Snap Mode and Dashboard vid - maybe new?

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