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NBA Live 15 is actually good, who would have known..Chanfan021010/23 8:09PM
Who's buying Jet Grind Ratchet & Frank West, I mean Sunset Overdrive?
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justaseabass2510/23 8:03PM
What games do you have preordered/on your to buy list currently?
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Help me choose an xbox one bundle!
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xxxthebxxx2110/23 7:45PM
Black Friday bundlesskiguy1981710/23 7:40PM
Why in the hell is Xbone bigger and heavier than PS4?
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Agony7911510/23 7:31PM
How do you rename clips in Upload Studio???PS2 4 Life410/23 7:29PM
Any good mics?RC Cruz me210/23 7:09PM
Do you have to eject a game several times before it will start?Gunvalkyrie2210/23 7:04PM
Eurogamer: Microsoft shipped 2.4m Xbox consoles last quarterquincy2000a910/23 6:40PM
Here is an interesting article that really breaks down this Gamergate war..IndyJunior210/23 6:34PM
Sunset Overdrive is like a mix of....docman864110/23 6:26PM
Can't choose a good fps game.. so hard..
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boltizor2410/23 6:21PM
Come one now, let's all be honest about the X1
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That_Damn_Kid1710/23 6:16PM
Anyone know when your achievement points level updates on Rewards?JACKBUTTMOMMY210/23 6:03PM
Assassin's Creed Unity.
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AltiarLio1410/23 5:59PM
Xbox One RepairSearchmanV16410/23 5:52PM
Post the game/s you have spent the most time playing
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brown_stuff1810/23 5:50PM
Rad Brad plays Sunset Overdrive.dctavernier210/23 5:34PM
Oh s***. COD Advanced Warfare bundle will be $449 at Walmart next week.That_Damn_Kid710/23 5:26PM