Killer Instinct Stream Today! Lots of new info

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On October 31st at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT, IGN and Double Helix will be bringing you two hours of never-before-seen gameplay -- including the reveal of Orchid -- from the Xbox One exclusive Killer Instinct. The stream will be your opportunity to ask staff from Double Helix about the character, balancing, and more -- and you'll see it first here. You can also look forward to seeing the game played on next-gen hardware and witnessing Orchid's combo trailer for the first time (be sure to watch until the end...).

Here's what's on tap:
•An exclusive look at Orchid's combat in Killer Instinct
•Q&A with David Verfaillie - Killer Instinct Game Designer at Double Helix
•An in-depth look at Killer Instinct's Dojo mode
•A look at Killer Instinct's Training mode
•Character overviews. Who's on the roster so far?
•Costumes and Combat. Double Helix tells us all about character "accessories."
•Exclusive reveal of Orchid's combo trailer

IGN Stream -

Double Helix Stream -

thanks to Poker Face
Look out!
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remember to ask about 360 fight-sticks and 360 wired controllers (per the fight-stick video yesterday)
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found it:
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Been waiting for a month for this! W00T LET'S GO!
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I just want a copy of Glacius's theme PLEASE
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Thanks for the update.
Double Helix has truly been the perfect choice bringing Killer Instinct back.

Game is magnificent.
I don't deserve to be so happy. :)
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Troll_Directory posted...
found it:

I hope this is real man. I bought an $180 arcade stick and I would really like to for it to be able to be used for next gen.
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just got back from early voting, was there any word on the 360 fight-sticks?