A look at some cancelled RARE games under Microsoft

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Very interesting. Check the link for pics and much more. Around 20 games...Banjo, Perfect Dark, Kameo 2, new IP...and don't forget:

Originally Posted by Phil Spencer

In terms of force, I know people probably don't believe it when I say this: I don't force Rare to do anything. Like, forcing a studio to do something is a very short-term ambition as the head of studios because, in the end, people will vote with their feet, and they'll just go work somewhere else. And Rare has enjoyed the creative, and, frankly, the hit success of [the] Kinect Sports series; it's been an incredibly successful series for them, and it's been great for the studio.

I can't wait for more Kinect stuff!
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Wait, but IGN reported MS doesn't force them to make Kinect games!

WAIT!!! IGN is spinning?!?
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So basically, they claim they don't "force" RARE to do anything, but then won't greenlight any games they come up with except the Kinect games. got it.
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It's a damn shame there wasn't another Perfect Dark or Kameo.
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I would have loved banjo-karting
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F*** Microsoft
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All these pale in comparision to masterpieces such as Kinect Sports!