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parties aren't working... againVikingHipster34/17 8:23PM
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to use one primary ending from HR as a template
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BiggyDX124/17 8:15PM
Assassins creed unity is $11.75 digitallyCrownedOne0334/17 8:11PM
Is State of Decay: YOSE worth $30?TempusEst94/17 7:37PM
I can't wait for become a introvert when...GGooDD64/17 7:33PM
Need players for Sunset Overdrive Fizzco Robotics Chaos SquadxChAsE6x14/17 7:25PM
Star Wars Battlefront will let players play as a female Storm Trooper.
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Exodus_Prime284/17 7:08PM
Why does my games reinstall if already in external?blingbling07824/17 7:01PM
Good buy for those looking to get an Xbox OneDinglesteed74/17 6:59PM
Soo... Did Star Wars Battlefront come out today?AttackOnTitan24/17 6:56PM
Xbox Live and Website running bad for anyone else?XLegendKillerX24/17 6:55PM
Microsoft inks deal with Unity and Unreal Engine for easier game development
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dahboy204/17 6:50PM
I'm surprised there hasn't been any new information regarding CrackdownBiggyDX64/17 5:40PM
SWBF3 is going to be 30fps calling it now
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velvet_hammer134/17 5:22PM
Any fix for the analogue stick drift issue?
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STG Deathbot144/17 5:19PM
how'd they make Project Cars graphics so real? :o "Too Stronk!"Ryan-06104/17 5:05PM
IGN article on why W3s combat wont suck this time, heavily influenced by Souls
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velvet_hammer264/17 4:58PM
Can you feel it? Can you? It's coming... That's right, on March 24th it's here..
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Laylow122694/17 4:55PM
Can't pre order Battlefront on Xbone. Only on PS4/PC right now
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Exodus_Prime214/17 4:49PM
Why did the PS4 intro and outro showed on the Battlefront trailer?
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MrMonkhouse254/17 4:42PM