I'm actually looking forward to November 15th.

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I'm sure the trolls will still find time in their day to come on and post illiterate crap. Probably when they are downloading the update for the console, no doubt.

I am calling a error for the PS4 day one update. With all the people trying at once I can see people getting errors with the download.

Maybe. But the same can be said for MS. A ton of people trying to get on at once is bound to cause some issues.

Not if your system is running off of Azure...
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I'm not even convinced GameFAQs posters like videogames. I think most are holding on to their fond childhood memories of playing videogames. Hence the fanboyism.

Starting to think this way also. I really do wonder how many of the trolls in here really ARE buying a PS4 or X-1. I think for some this might be the only way to sniff a new gen console...
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What's happening on the 15th?
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Nope when you have no life its pretty easy to take an hour off to come here and troll.

An hour?
Try 2 seconds
Xbox 720p

Boom, I can say that and just bounce and let the fan boys go nuts

But here's the thing, I had both systems last gen
I'll have both this gen
I'm allowed to be disappointed by Microsoft though
I'm allowed to express my feelings about Microsoft forcing kinnect on us instead of offering a $399 bundle
I don't like the windows 8 look of the Xbox 1 dashboard, but I'm not alone in hating on Windows 8

The problem is (on both boards) is that people LOVE other people's opinions. They love to read and reply to other gamers

But don't call me a troll, because I'm disappointed about forced kinnect, or COD being in 720p, ect ect. I invest a lot into the Microsoft brand, I EXPECT more. Everyone is touting killer instinct.... But to me, back in the day, that game was horrible compared to mortal kombat and street fighter. People put forza up on this pedestal but I hate driving games. Ryse? Don't really care for it... Then again I also think the god of war games are over rated. I'm hearing BF4 does not look as good as it does on PC and PS4, that upsets me....

I was referring to the people who come here just to tell other people how much better the PS4 is than the X1 and tell them how stupid they are for wanting one.
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You know, it would probably be quieter if you haven't had MS fanboys acting like fools for years and trolling anything that has Sony attached to it. Trying to have an intelligent coversations with friends about gaming and there is always the one douche that starts spouting out crap about reviews on Sony games, or still harping on about the downtime TWO YEARS ago... which is made worse when this was during the fiasco where LIVE was hiccuping and not allowing invites or parties. LIke yeah, dude you are talking crap about Sony right now? Really?

I love both systems... but over the years dudebros have become absolutely unbearable. Even when sticking up for the 360 is hard because some idiot will come in screaming bull about Sony. I think many have just gotten tired of it... and of course, guys like sophistication that actively trolls the sony board and crish here... well, you make it hard on yourselves.

And I'm looking very much forward to the 15th. Course I'll forget this place even exists :p
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I'm sure the trolls will still find time in their day to come on and post illiterate crap. Probably when they are downloading the update for the console, no doubt.

True. I wonder if Sony is going to fix that with the PS4. That always was a bummer we I do fire up my PS3 it takes 20 mins to download an update then another 20 to install it.

What's your PSN id?

I think it is kidwgm23 or kidwgm. I normally play sp games so I'm not use to giving it out.
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