Why XBone>PS4

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Xbox Live, more reliable, secure and featurerich online network than PSN - if you are going to pay $50-60 for either of these each year to play multiplayer, the choice is pretty simple - there are 48 million players waiting for you.

Every Multiplayer game comes with on demand dedicated servers if the developer chooses to utilize them for free - these servers are virtual machines running in the azure cloud, a global cloud computing network that MS has invested $20 Billion to date. this is not a new service, azure has been out there for a long time and ranks as the top cloud service worldwide in reliabily and speed (1st place in front of amazons s3)

the os has multitasking, application snapping and instant switching -starting a game and starting matchmaking while playing another game? done, running a video confrence with your best buddy over skype while playing multiplayer? done.

kinect, completely redesigned technology and integration into xbox one: a full time-of-flight camera, measuring the speed of light photons with up to 120 frames per second, technology used in industrial applications as robotics and autonomic driving cars. xbox one has a dedicated chip to calculate the 2 Gb data that kinect produces a second. the technology does not care for pitch black light levels to the human eye, nor does it care if you have turned your speakers up to 11 - the 4 mic microphone array is effectively able to target your mouth by 2 degrees and isolate every spoken word. every voice command will be heard & processed with the help of a dedicated audio chip on the mainboard. make no mistake - the new kinect is not a toy, or a gimmick like the old one. ms put industrial strenght sensor technology into the system that will provide a future proof platform. we are already seeing developers use it - headtracking in forza 5, headtracking/leaning/voice commands in battlefield, precise facial feature measurement in kinect sports avatar creator.

MS took the best controller in the Industry and made it several times better. the buttons, triggers, bumpers, sticks and dpad had a serious upgrade - i held the controller and gamescom and was amazed by the build quality and dozens of subtle improvements. it features 2 impulse triggers that brings the xbox one controller to 4 individual driven feedback zones - forza 5 and battlefield are one of the first titles to be known support this (expect support at least from all 1st party titles).

exclusive launchtitles like forza 5, ryse, dead rising 3, killer instinct, crimson dragon with titles like titanfall (which i played at gamescom, the hype is 100% justified), d4, fable legends, quantum break, kinect sports rivals (RARE), halo, project spark, sunset overdrive, minecraft xbox one edition all within the first year.

completely revamped, dynamic archievement system with developers are now able to constantly add to.

xbox one automatically records every archievement, and gameplay and let's you share it instantly as captured videos or streams your gameplay to twitch.

improved global matchmaking system, rewards for being good, playing with other ***holes when playing bad.

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automatic updating of games, apps and system even when the console is in standby mode.
500GB of HDD with the possibility to extend storage with an external USB 3.0 device (without needing to screw open the console, exchanging the HDD and throwing away the old 500GB HHD - in my book that's a huge minus for ps4)

suspend and resume games on any xbox one you log on into.

only one xbox live gold account is now needed for a whole household, everyone can use gold features, even if they are only silver members.

xbox one let's you listen to audio cd's, plays mp3's, streams movies (DNLA expected, but not confirmed) and music over your LAN.

xbox one can display and control tv or any other hdmi capable device. kinect is also able to to turn on all of your devices with infrared signals and features extended controls like volume up/down (full list of features yet to be confirmed)

Got this from Reddit. These are reasons why Im getting the One. Lots of things that it does better than PS4 other than slightly worse graphics.
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Looks like you took it from someone else.
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Definitely some solid points, but Kinect is viewed as a negative, not a positive, to a lot of gamers. It drives up the price of entry, and it makes games look worse(10% GPU reserve). Reputation-based matchmaking has a potential for abuse, too.
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Also, automatic updating for games is on the PS4, too. It's actually on the PS3 right now. It even automatically uploads your game saves to the Cloud.
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Ramsus082 posted...
Also, automatic updating for games is on the PS4, too. It's actually on the PS3 right now. It even automatically uploads your game saves to the Cloud.

Other than those and the preferences(controller, launch games, exclusives, OS) it's a solid list of pros for X1.
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Mixture420 posted...
Got this from Reddit.

Well, THAT explains it!
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#1 at absolutely nothing!
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So the reason it's a better games console is because it has better media functionality that still falls short of other cheaper devices? Got it.
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Also add suspend and resume to PS4, though it's delayed. Note the Vita a handheld system has this feature too...

And god damn the PS3 and Xbox360 can multi task too... why do people keep saying multi tasking as a advantage... Though the lvl of multitasking can be different