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Never Alone gets roasted. 4/10
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Five new ID@Xbox Games This Week
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Rancid_Skank1711/20 10:55PM
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Have these boards really gotten to this point?
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Lisbon142154711/20 10:27PM
Getting horrible speeds/ping on Xbox One, but is fine on my PCMiSTeR_BiG_09611/20 10:06PM
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Xbox One sales overtake PS4 in November
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quincy2000a4711/20 9:52PM
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According to this poster, the MCC patch is working great!
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Xeeh_Bitz7711/20 9:21PM
Pier Solar is now livekrillin4553511/20 8:35PM
Should they wait for photo-realistic graphics before releasing the next Xbox?
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skermac2811/20 8:35PM
What is the resolution of Far Cry 4?slyman19911/20 8:33PM
FEED ME! (you can't make this stuff up)blablablax17311/20 8:30PM
Well...I may have been converted to the One.
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minchew911311/20 8:16PM
are game installations supposed to take a long time to download?
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HUfan4L1511/20 8:08PM
XBox Notification Soundmitchellfoxx111/20 8:08PM
How many people here got or are getting the X1 because of recent deals? (Poll)calinks711/20 8:06PM