Is the xbox really less powerful

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I mean, they did say it was harder to develop for and these are also launch games which means they're probably rushed. I'm sure with more time they could get it to run natively
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No, microsoft has the cloud, esRAM, and a hidden Dgpu that will surprise those dumb sony ponies

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The Xbox One will get better with time.

But so will the PS4.

The PS4 will always be ahead.

It is kinda like how a little brother will get older, but he will never get older than his big brother.
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Well all the confirmed info we have gotton points to it being less powerful than the ps4 but it's the games that count so if you like more games for the xbox one go ahead and get that instead you shouldn't buy a console based on better specs but which has the more games you want to play for it.
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It cost moar so no wai!!!
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It's all how you look at. The Sony fanboys' main argument centers around the PS4's gDDR5 ram. MS's engineer's doubt Sony will get the kind of performance that everyone is claiming. MS's engineer's claim they can realistically get comparable performance with DDR3+esRam.

You don't have to look far for a theoretical vs real world performance when it comes to technology. Just look at Apple's Firewire vs USB. THEORETICALLY firewire is faster on paper, yet USB is faster in real world performance.
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being largely a pc gamer software and features are what really matter for these systems and power being completely irrelevant.

microsoft will probably have the best games but sony will probably have the best value

and isnt that the biggest problem with the xbox one? people arent convinced that all those extra features are worth the money. that might be because nobody has really got a chance to use it and really understand microsoft's vision or maybe most of it is actually garbage that nobody will use.

microsoft is not the kind of company that people really have faith in to deliver a good experience. people (gamers especially) just don't trust them as much they trust other companies. and its because microsoft just doesn't get it right a lot of the time. when was the last time they did something that you genuinely improved your opinion of them? even for rabid fans who only buy microsoft. everybody knows that you've been burned at least a couple of times.

sony saw an excellent opportunity to earn some goodwill with the gamer community when they came out at e3 saying there was no drm. they need it right now. truthfully, i'm not 100% clear on the numbers but the general sentiment is that if the ps4 doesn't do well then they're just going to shut down the gaming division. i mean unless they get absolutely slaughtered i don't think thats going to happen but the stakes are still high. a lot of it is just that people want sony to succeed even if that also means wanting micosoft to fail.

microsoft is really counting on the idea that these sports and tv apps will actually improve the entertainment experience in a meaningufl way and maybe even a game or piece of software that really justifies the kinect hardware. and its entirely possible that they wont. but its also possible that they will and if they do its has the possibility of being really really cool. and thats what i'm most excited about this generation even if i end up buying a ps4

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Does it really matter? im getting a ps4 and i have an xbox one preorder im just not sure if im gonna keep it yet. but even if ps4 is more powerful than xbox, wasnt ps3 more powerful then 360? i could be wrong about that. yet i got much more value from my 360 then my ps3.

ps4 will probably have the better graphics but the difference is not gonna make or break the system. the control and network are far more important than the slight difference in graphics. (not saying the xbox control is better, still yet to see either in person
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Xx5ILLYR4BBITxX posted...
Well all the confirmed info we have gotton points to it being less powerful than the ps4 but it's the games that count so if you like more games for the xbox one go ahead and get that instead you shouldn't buy a console based on better specs but which has the more games you want to play for it.

It's funny that you say that because a Microsoft exec said the exact same thing. He said that the games will prove that there's balance in the X1 that will make up for the power difference which will make the games run equal. BF4 and CoD proved him wrong.

The PS4 runs multiplats better and at the end of the day that's what most people play on their consoles.

It's sad when CoD can't run 1080 on the X1. CoD is running on an engine that's at the very least 5 years old. Ghosts runs the exact same as MW2 and that was 5 years ago. So why is it that the X1 couldn't even handle the game on the level of current gen tech? Even with a limited amount of time CoD should be running at 1080p and there's nothing that can said to dispute this.
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It's not just graphics and overall power, it's about which system will have the better exclusives throughout it's run. Which one has more/ higher quality first party developers.
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