Doesn't Halo deserve to be on the most powerful console?

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3 years ago#21
Paul_Atreides posted...
supermoc10 posted...
Funny considering it has never been on the most powerful console.

Gamecube was more powerful than the Xbox right?

No, it wasn't. And the 360 has a better GPU than PS3 and released a year earlier.

Ps3 was better, just harder to develop for. That aside, MS abandoned PC half way through the series anyway which would of been the best version.
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3 years ago#22
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3 years ago#23

battlefield is generic

halo is not
3 years ago#24
Izec posted...
Masterchief5525 posted...
stekim40 posted...
Halo sucks anyway, yet another dull and pathetic fps game.

Can definitely say that for KZ

Difference is nobody buys PS for Killzone. Halo used to be a console seller so it's decline in quality is notable.

Uncharted, very easy and scripted, is that pathetic also ?
3 years ago#25
The draw to Halo wasn't the graphics, it was the gameplay and story in the first and after that the multiplayer. I never bought Halo for the graphics, the fact that it also looked good was a bonus.
3 years ago#26
I wish Halo was still good.
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3 years ago#27
SunDevil77 posted...
A_Someone_Else posted...
Arguably, "Destiny" is basically the same thing, but better.

Not at all arguable.
A open world RPG vs. a campaign-heavy/arena shooter

It is certainly arguable, on the principals of viewpoint and personal perception if nothing else.

To me, Destiny has been presented more like a Halo-style FPS with light RPG elements than an RPG. The way I experience a video game, most of the "signature experience" of a shooter is in the "feel" of the combat, and the atmosphere/art style that it happens in, and other aspects are somewhat peripheral to the core "feel". From what I've seen, the actual action in Destiny seems like the shooting, vehicles and environments are heavily entrenched in the style of a Halo game. By my perception, even hand-abilities appear to fire in the style of re-skinned Halo-esque gunfire. Being a Bungie game in a very similar setting and art style, I'd be surprised if the campaign story weren't of similar quality, as well.

I believe that Destiny will offer the signature visual style and combat feel of Halo and MUCH more, across multiple platforms. I believe it is fair to say open worlds and character development are vast improvements, and I don't believe they'll subtract any of the signature "Halo" gameplay feel. To me, that's basically the same thing, with improvements. You may not agree, but it is certainly arguable.
3 years ago#28
chrisromans123 posted...
I wish Halo was still good.

It still is, where you been at?
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3 years ago#29
Dev445 posted...
chrisromans123 posted...
I wish Halo was still good.

It still is, where you been at?

Halo 4 was ok but it wasn't anywhere near as good as 1-3.
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3 years ago#30
I'm gonna chalk Halo 4 up to 343 not being ready to make a halo game they did acknowledge that the game wasn't as good as they hoped if I recall so Halo 5 i'll stay optimistic but probably won't buy at launch.
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